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Digital Presence – How much of myself do I share?

A person’s digital presence tends to be as varied as people are themselves. Some people only use pseudonyms and don’t share anything about their lives, whereas others give their full names, ages, locations, and photographs. Some tweet about every little thing in their day to day lives, and others would never imagine doing so. I like to think I lie somewhere in the middle, though I know I’m definitely closer to over-sharing than being private.

I really started thinking about this the other day when I did a photoshoot with my photographer friend for her portfolio and website. Some of the photos are a little risque, and my mother was shocked that I was willing to let them be posted on the internet. I’m not nude in any of them, nor do I feel as if I am represented negatively in any way. My mother was still insistent that I “might regret it someday.” 

Would I regret my sharing of myself online? I mulled it over and decided that no, I wouldn’t. I have been involved in forum discussions that were incredibly personal during times in my life when I had no one to go to, I have an artist profile on, a twitter, a facebook page, a linkedin… I feel as if my internet presence is almost as big as my real life one! Photos that show a little bit of leg are not going to change the way I feel about myself in real life or in the digital world.

The only thing to really remember is that anything posted online becomes permanent. Even if you go back and delete your post/images/etc, they have been cached and others have possibly already copied and saved them. Once something is online, it’s online forever. 


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  1. I believe everyone that goes online has this thought flow at some time. It is hard to decide how public you want to be. No one wants a “stalker” becoming enamored and hounding us, but we also enjoy the freedom of sharing and meeting others. I can understand your willingness to venture out on the web.


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