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David Mack: Writing with More than Words

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My favorite comic book is David Mack’s Kabuki. It is a slightly futuristic tale of a fallen government agent and her escape from a mental institution where they try to “reprogram” her. Instead of using traditional means to tell his story, Mack has created his world with paint and paper, with words typed out and with various mixed media. He glues things to the page, from butterfly wings to pieces of wood. Words are not contained only in the standard comic book format boxes but are hidden beneath the paint, hand-written and adding to the story without being necessary to read.


By using the visual to tell his story along with words, Mack has created a rich, fantastic world. The art is beautiful, the language is beautiful, and instead of simple comic book tales he manages to create a graphic novel with soul


I try to incorporate this sort of visual magic into my own writing whenever I can. I love to draw and one day hope to create a work of art that combines literature with art in such a beautiful and meaningful way. In my own writing I always think of the visual, and in my graphic design I always think about the words that will be associated with it. 


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