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Albuquerque and All kinds of Sick!

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So I started this week with a trip to the emergency care center Sunday morning, as I couldn’t breathe. I was on a respirator for 20 minutes, had an EKG run, and after some tests was informed that I had bronchitis, an acute upper respiratory infection, and a sinus infection. Lots and lots of prescriptions later, I was sent home.

I spent Monday and Tuesday in bed, and all day yesterday on an airplane to come to New Mexico! My mom and I have had this trip planned since the Spring so I wasn’t missing it, bronchitis or no. I’m feeling mostly better but I’m still pretty weak and the meds are definitely wreaking havoc on my stomach. I hope to be better enough to go hiking in the mountains on Saturday – we’re going to go see the Native American ruins!

My camera broke on the plane (boo) but I’m borrowing my uncle’s, so I should have some photo posts up later.

Work with my groups seems to be going well for my class and I just sort of hope to get right back into the swing of things when I get back.


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